Hi! I'm going to talk about Void Nightmare tips and MORE IMPORTANTLY how to CONTROL YOUR LVL! First of all, let's talk about what happens if you don't control your lvl. Edit

That could equal this: 40k br at lvl 80 lvl 40 gear and 60 rings and jewels.

Let's talk HOW & WHAT TO DO CONTROL YOUR LVL: Free players Edit

Ok, free players. Let's say you want to stay at lvl 44 for a while and have 40 legend gear. You're lvl 37 right now and elite warrior title at 15k br. It's nice, but to control your lvl, you need to PREPAREeeeeee!

What you wanna get at lvl 37

GOLD, DARU, MAX BUILDING, 400 40 legend stones, 80 lvl 3 crystaloids from auction,(dismal armor,weapon,necklace,and helmet, LVL 40 epic jewelry and ring shards=1280 crypt tokens)LOTS OF LUCK STONES(I recommend lvl 7 luck stones),Good Skills.

PS: It's 2080 crypt tokens, literally impossible to get everything

Now we're getting into VOID NM tips. Edit

You just reached lvl 40 and you have lots of gold, daru, max building, 100 40 legend stones, 20 lvl 3 crystaloids from auction,dismal weapon and armor, and 50 lvl 7 luck stones. Not bad. Now you gotta do void normal. get lots of high lvl people to help you for speed(DO NOT USE REWARD ATTEMPT). When you do void nm and hold lvl, you wanna get 2 people instead. Let him or her do minion matches and you and him or her do bosses, BUT ONLY TO THE SECOND LAST BOSS! Do the warlock, gurna and merloch as bosses. That way you only get little xp and you get more rewards. Another tip is DO NOT ATTACK THE CLAN OF PERGUS WARRIORS!

Ok I'll be adding more tips soon. BYE BYE For now