First of all, thank you all for reading.

Ok guys, last GB against Monstars we definitely fought hard and strong, and came up short. To sum up, we can't match them with 1:1 br. We tried strong teams hold towers/delay their tops, while others hit their ward tower. That didn't work. We couldn't hold towers, and our tops kept dying. Meanwhile their second division people kept hitting our ward. They get higher points than us, and kill our ward faster.

Here's a strategy to try.

If we can't hold towers hoping to get more points than them, let's try kill their ward asap.

First, we have 3 division.

First division. Go hit their ward, period. If you see a weak br on the way, kill them ASAP.

Second division, (assume more people than 1st division), hit towers. It is impossible to hold tower, so just hit the defenders. It's likely we will die very fast, so if you see they are in fight, DON'T JUMP in, wait til fight is over, then fight them. Point is to keep their tops busy, and buying time for our heavies to hit their ward. I think just the two towers closest to our ward would do. Closer to our spawn.

Third division, ward defense. Hit whoever you can (not in fights) in our ward area. It is close to our spawn, you would immediately return to ward area. Point is to delay their members and makes our ward last long as possible.

No guarantee this would work, but just something we could try.

- Scyntus